Looking for a site? Read me. If not, delete and dont flame.

From: Hades (tourach@servtech.com)
Date: 06/26/96

[Disclaimer: Ok, I know people get flamed for posting mud ads on the list,
but this is a bit diffrent. Most admins worried about code dont give a
flying fart about playing another mud, but a lot of you might need a site,
so I feel this is a relevant post]

[also, this is a stock post I made to the usenet groups, so you mighta seen
it before]

Welcome to mudsite! The place on the net where we ENCOURAGE you to run your
mud and kick some ass while doing it. Most if not all ISP's out there do not
want a program that uses 5% cpu time and anywhere from 4 to 20 megs of ram
on their systems, and who can blame them? It beats the hell out of the
system for the other regualr users, not to mention eating bandwith like
crazy. So I have developed a solution... mudsite.

Setup fee		-	No charge.
Base mud account	-	$100/month
Addtl 25 megs of space	-	$10/month/25 megs (50 more is $20)
Addtl shell accounts	-	$10/month/account
Personal hostname setup	-	$30 one time fee (includes 1st month)
Hostname monthly charge	-	$5/month
Tech/coding suport	-	No charge.
Voice support		-	No charge.
Web page		-	Coming soon.
Intermud connectivity	-	No charge.

The Base mud account includes:
50 megs of disk storage on a Linux box, with plenty of ram, sharing a full
T1 line to the internet with the other muds on the system, so there will be
no lag. (A full T1 can easily handle 20+ muds)
One shell account to access the mud, additional shell accounts are avalable
at $10 per month per account (In case, for some reason, you need another
account for your builders and whatnot.)
Full email capability on each shell account.

Extra disk space is prices as listed above.

You can have your mud be run from, instead of mudsite.com <port>,
yourmudname.mudsite.com <port> for a one time setup fee of $30, and a
$5/month maitenance charge. 

Voice and email tech/coding support is avalable and free.

Web page support for your mud will be added soon and prices if any will be
computed then.

Intermud connectivity is avalable on the system at no charge (for it costs
me nothing but a small degree of bandwith).

Upon starting up with mudsite.com, you will be billed for the first months
payment plus a security deposit of the same amount, which will cover the
last months payment if you should decide to stop running your mud on
mudsite.com, or to cover any charges of fees or penalties due to illegal or
wrongful use of the system.

You will be billed every 30 days, payment due by the 5th of the month. If
payment is not received by the 10th, the account will be locked down, and a
$10 re-activation fee will be imposed. If payment is not received by the
15th of the month, the account, and mud, will be deleted, and your
secutiry/last months payment will be forefit.

I expect mudsite.com to be up and running by the end of September, as I
cannot even begin to start the process until I move at the end of August.

If you are interested, or have any questions or comments, you can direct
email to:

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