Re: Patch upgrade: pl8-pl11

From: Argus (
Date: 06/26/96

> After getting slightly far into it, it asks me for File to patch: Several
> times, I assumed its because it doesnt want to patch files i.e wizlist
> that we modified, but it continues to ask that for almost the entire
> session. I ignored everytime it says that, and when finished I end up with
> TONS of files in the muds master directory, code, worlds etc, and one of
> each with .orig and .rej. I tried also entering the patch file when asking
> file to patch, but "hunk fails". Our MUD runs on linux btw.. Thanks for
> any help in advance, also, I'm not sure if the patch should be run in that
> directory or not.

Well ignoring the file names and not putting anything there is your 
whole problem.  with patch if you do not add a name it will skip 
tring to modify the file and put all the rejected patches in a file 
with that file name ending in .rej  you then can look at what was 
supposed o go into the file and hand patch these yourself.  

I'd suggest you use fresh code and re-run the patch and type in
the name of the file for each one that it asks you for.  The worse 
that can happen is you get a bunch of .rej files.  and yes you are 
correct in your assumption that it's becuase you modified a bunch of 
the original source.


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