Patch upgrade: pl8-pl11

From: Edge (
Date: 06/26/96

	We have been coding for a long time on bpl8, but after looking at
the docs I see pl11 is a worthwhile upgrade. I have a question pertaining
to the patch however.. These are the steps I took.

Downloaded patch.pl8-pl11.gz from jhu
gunzipped the file
renamed my MUD directory to circle30bpl8 so that it understands it
cp'd the file into circle30bpl8
ran patch <patch.pl8-pl11.gz

After getting slightly far into it, it asks me for File to patch: Several
times, I assumed its because it doesnt want to patch files i.e wizlist
that we modified, but it continues to ask that for almost the entire
session. I ignored everytime it says that, and when finished I end up with
TONS of files in the muds master directory, code, worlds etc, and one of
each with .orig and .rej. I tried also entering the patch file when asking
file to patch, but "hunk fails". Our MUD runs on linux btw.. Thanks for
any help in advance, also, I'm not sure if the patch should be run in that
directory or not.


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