Re: Looking for a site? Read me. If not, delete and dont flame.

From: Hades (
Date: 06/26/96

> > [Disclaimer: Ok, I know people get flamed for posting mud ads on the list,
> > but this is a bit diffrent. Most admins worried about code dont give a
> > Base mud account	-	$100/month
> > Addtl shell accounts	-	$10/month/account
> > Personal hostname setup	-	$30 one time fee (includes 1st month)
> > Hostname monthly charge	-	$5/month
> Gee, a mere $60/year to maintain one entry in your DNS, oh and $30 for the
> 10 seconds required to add that line...  I hope that your spelling is no
> indication of the quality of the service that you run, if so, I'd run the
> other direction as fast as possible.  If you are planning on running a
> professional service, as your prices certainly indicate, consider
> investing in a spell and grammar checker.  I don't even see any
> information on how you plan to credit people's accounts when your machine
> goes down- if I was paying some $120 or so per month, I'd get real upset
> real quick if my host ever went down.

When My machine goes down? This will be running on a 5 pentium 100 or 120
network, managed full time by me or my associate. So dont assume that the
machine WILL go down and your servuice cancelled.

Also, dont be so damn fast to flame because of the fact that I didnt run
this through a spell checker. I've noticed that many people DO judge a book
by it's cover... I guess since I mistyped a word here and there that the
service I offer must suck.

As for the DNS entry... If you noticed it's not a requirement. Nowhere does
it say you must pay for that. And the money does come in more than just to
line my pockets, having the DNS server running to negotiate the incoming
connections DOES use bandwith and processor time and memory. And like I
said, it's not necessary, people who want the service will pay, those who do
not, well that's fine too. And you complain about the money... do you really
think that InterNIC needs to charge $100 for an host name allocation? 

As a business, people charge for services. It takes time out of my day to
set up the dns entries, to maintain them, to get it back and running if
something ever happens to the dns server. That's where the cost comes in.

Is it necessary to rip apart any post someone makes based on spelling and
common business practice?

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