From: Jeeves (philipe@[
Date: 06/26/96

*Up on the soapbox, slight bow *

My friends, this stuff has got to stop. If it isn't one thing, it's 
another. Mr. Chan and his FlameFest, then Mr. Raistlin and his 
mockery of the new tag system, then those corrupt IMPs of MB2 posting 
advertisements for their new never ceases. Every few days, 
someone posts some inflammatory message, and everyone else feels as 
if it is his/her personal duty to put down what they perceive as a 
threat to the rapidly failing integrity of this mailing list. 
However, I did not take up the pen (er...keyboard) to inform everyone 
of what they already know. I mean to discuss solutions...a cure for 
the chaos, if you will.

A moderator scores high on the list (no pun intended), but would
probably not be the best possible solution. Firstly, a volunteer
would have to be located, secondly, what constitutes a suitable post
must be defined. Both of these tasks are sure to involve large 
amounts of a certain pseudo-pork product, which we all loathe.

A mutual truce between all of the current list members and the
fabrication of a well-designed FAQ to be mailed to new subscribers
would be an interesting way to conquer the problem. Of course, as
seen by the recent post of Mr. Hades, some people are less than
honorable (by this I mean his violation of the 'no advertising'
law). This 'solution' may appear insane to some, but is a much more
comfortable way to confront the problem IMHO (I hate censorship, and
a moderator implies this). 

The fact is, we can't go on like this. Someone needs to post a list 
of rules, or something else must be done, if this mailing list is to 
retain its usefulness. Should anyone feel the urge to flame me for 
this post, please substitute "" for 
"" in the "to" field. Someone needs to solve these 
problems, though...

*off the box and disappearing into the crowd*

-- Jeeves
Creator/IMP/Builder of CalaisMUD (under development)

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