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From: Brian Pape (
Date: 06/26/96

> A moderator scores high on the list (no pun intended), but would
> probably not be the best possible solution. Firstly, a volunteer
> would have to be located, secondly, what constitutes a suitable post
> must be defined. Both of these tasks are sure to involve large
> amounts of a certain pseudo-pork product, which we all loathe.

I haven't seen any mention of a faq for this mailing list, if there truly
isn't one, we definately need to get one together...  I have seen several
people who have mentioned compiling circle-related faqs.  We need an
official set of rules for this mailing list, and it would be very nice to
have a circle-mud faq maintained by this mailing list, similar to what
many usenet groups do.  The rule faq should be posted to the mailing list
on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, as well as to all new subscribers to the
list (the bandwidth it takes would be miniscule wrt the number of posts
this list receives.  The circle-mud faq should be available on a web site
and ftp site (?

here are some basic things that I think the rules for this list should
contain (again, assuming there aren't any, since I haven't personally seen

- This list exists for the discussion of the coding and implementation of
  a circle-mud based mud.

- This list is maintained on a volunteer basis, and is unmoderated.

- Posts to this mailing list should pertain to circlemud in general.

- Topics which are generally acceptable to the list include: discussion of
  new features to be added to a muds, information and questions related to
  coding a Circle mud, questions pertaining to the administration of a
  Circle mud, information and help to those who are having problems with
  their Circle based mud.

- Topics which are OFF-TOPIC to the mailing list, and are not welcome:
  Advertisements for new muds- this is not the 'muds-announce' mailing list.
  Commercial advertisements of any type.
  Coding questions which have nothing to do with Circlemud, and can be
    answered in any beginning C textbook.

- References:
  The circlemud mailing list can be subscribed to by sending a message to
  (I forgot the address), with 'subscribe circle' in the body of the message.

  Beginning C questions can be answered in any number of books, including
  'The C Programming Language' by Kernigham and Ritchie.

  The circlemud mailing list faq can be found at: ftp://  , and

If you have any additions to this information, or if this mailing list
already has a ruleset and I just haven't seen it, please mail me at the
address below.

Reign of Towers

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