Re: Looking for a site? Read me. If not, delete and dont flame.u

From: Hades (
Date: 06/26/96

See Jermemy, I wasnt saying it wont go down, I was responding to what I took
to be: "What are you gonna do whern it goes down permenantly." So I might
have reacted badly. Also, I have been getting a LOT of shit from people
about this, and my mood on the matter hasnt been all that wonderful, so, I
get edgy and scream a lot when people criticize me incessantly on something
that they wouldnt even sign up for to begin with.

As for capital and advertising, I do have capitol. It is being invested in
the 4 pentium 120's with 64mb of ram, the eithernet cards, the hub, the
router, the TSU, the leased line setup fees. All this is costing me well
voer 8 grand to get this thing up and running. This is not something that I
just decided to do on a whim.

Also on the note of advertising, it is EXPENSIVE. A small ad in the back of
a circulated magazine is no less than $500 if you want it to be seen in a
well publicized magazine. I'll admit, I only called 2 magazines for prices,
but I really dont have that kind of money. See, I feel that the priority
here is in the equipment and service, not in the inital advertising.

ANother point would be that sure, I could take out a 20k small business
loan, get started on this thing, but I am afraid to. From what I have seen,
90% of the mudding community consists of immature people who jump at the
first opprotinity to flame anything they can find, to tear other people to
shreds, when newbies post dumb-ass questions to the list, to flame them for
being not as expereinced as they are. Sure there are lots ogf good people
out there, who are mature, know what they are talkoing about, and are
willing to help people who know less than them, but you DO have to admit
that the mudding world has more than it's fair share of assholes. The reason
i am lax to take out a huge loan like that and get msyelf into debt is that
I honestly am extremely hesitant about doing even what I am attempting to. I
dont need a 20k loan just to have no subscribers because anyone that sees my
ad flames me and tells me to fuck off. My very first post on the r.g.m.*
hierarchy said I was considering the service. What's the interest in it? Who
wants to sign up? How much are you willing to pay? I received 7 replies. 1
was hey cool, sign me up, I have a friend who's interested too.
2 more were commenting on it and my policies.
the other 4 were flames, people telling me to fuck off, and that I am an
asshole for charging $100.

DOesnt give me the nicest impression about the rest of us mudders/admins out

Hence, I do what I can to try and find the people who are interested. I try
by free posting. Evidently everyone knows more than me and I should shut up.

Hades of Ebon Mists

Ps. To those of you crying about me wasting bandwith... why the hell did you
quote my entire post back to me only to say: Stop wasting bandwith by
posting ads you asshole! Think about it... you made it worse than I did.

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