Re: looking for a site

From: Nuku Nuku (
Date: 06/26/96

> Hence, I do what I can to try and find the people who are interested. I try
> by free posting. Evidently everyone knows more than me and I should shut up.

Well, I've seen a few people here asking for a place to run their mud, so 
I thought it was a valid place to post it since it attempts to cater to 
the needs of certain people that WOULD be on this list.  I forwarded the 
letter to someone I know that is looking for a better site than what they 
currently have, and this looks pretty good.

Thank you for the post, and for this instance at least, I don't see much 
reason to flame other than for his pricing which is none of our business 
nor something that should be discussed on this list anyway.


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