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From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 06/26/96

Hades ( wrote:
>Also, I have been getting a LOT of shit from people
>about this, and my mood on the matter hasnt been all that wonderful,
>so, I get edgy and scream a lot when people criticize me incessantly
>on something that they wouldnt even sign up for to begin with.

That's another problem.  You shouldn't be rude to potential customers.
Yes, even the people flaming you *might* be customers down the line.
Although, the more comments you make, the less enthusiastic your
potential customers are probably getting.

Like anyone is going to send money to someone named after a Magic:
the Gathering card anyway...

>All this is costing me well over 8 grand to get this thing
>up and running...
>Also on the note of advertising, it is EXPENSIVE. A small ad in the
>back of
>a circulated magazine is no less than $500 if you want it to be seen
>in a well publicized magazine.

You plan to spend $8000 on equipment, but $500 for advertising is
"expensive"?  That just shows your priorities are totally wrong.

>I didn't do this [] on a whim.

Oh sure, I believe that.  Have you even bothered to check out the
already existing site name,  Looks like someone
beat you to that name - and your idea - about 3 months ago.

>I could take out a 20k small business
>loan, get started on this thing, but I am afraid to. From what I have
>seen, 90% of the mudding community consists of immature people who
>jump at the first opprotinity to flame anything they can find, to
>tear other people to shreds, when newbies post dumb-ass questions
>to the list, to flame them for

If you don't want to get flamed, don't use USENET and/or mailing lists
as your advertising medium.

>The reason
>i am lax to take out a huge loan like that and get msyelf into debt
>is that I honestly am extremely hesitant about doing even what I am
>attempting to.

That's what market research is for.  And posting an ad to USENET asking
"would you pay this..." doesn't count as market research.

>Ps. To those of you crying about me wasting bandwith... why the hell
>did you quote my entire post back to me only to say: Stop wasting
>bandwith by posting ads you asshole! Think about it... you made it
>worse than I did.

What a cop-out.  You can't magically ward against flames by saying
"please don't waste bandwidth on flaming me".  By posting to an
interactive medium, you are soliciting feedback in that medium.
Flames count as feedback.  Don't like it?  Don't post.

ps. All this is irrelevant anyway... all the good MUDs out there with
    lots of players have plenty of stable site options available to
    them, for free.
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