Re: More MUD sites

From: The Prophet (
Date: 06/28/96

 Personally, I found the post helpful and am glad he posted it. As far as 
I know this list is about all the issues of running and maintaining a 
CircleMUD. Without a site you can not run or maintain a mud, that post 
did belong here and it was not spam. If you do not want to read the 
message, do not read it.

On Fri, 28 Jun 1996, Jörgen Zigge Sigvardsson wrote:

> > Here are some more sites which offer better packages than  
> > "MUD TECH" (which doesn't exist yet).  Quotes are directly from
> > the service providers in question.
> [SNIP]
> Come on! I thought this mailinglist was for people who wants to help or be
> helped when it comes to CODING and RUNNING a CircleMUD, not finding a site for
> it. As I see it, finding a site is not directly related to Circle. Stuff like 
> this should go to newsgroups such as or something like that.
> Or perhaps a new newsgroup would be appropriate ?
> I think this whole thing has gone too far. I, and I think many others, see your
> point. Please use this mailinglist seriously. This list could be a great
> resource for both experienced as new coders if it wasn't for all this SPAM,
> that really doesn't have anything to do with CircleMUD. 
> Please, stop this spam now.
> // Zigg

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