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From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 06/28/96

Skylar wrote:
>On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Jeeves wrote:
>>Another methodology question for those of you who know the circle
>>code inside and out...
>>I think I have the intro system figured least, I've got the
>>array in and the means of adding to it. Also, I have a function that
>>checks to see whether two characters are introduced or not. Now, the
>>only question is...where do I call it? I am thinking of one of two

Put it at the lowest level possible.  Otherwise you'll just double the
complexity of all code where high level subroutines are used; you'll
also make it harder to apply patches to the MUD, and harder for others
to work with your code.  You do have succession planned, don't you?
Hee hee.

>say, "the battle-scarred muscular dwarf" you probably know his name,
> and wont confuse him with anyone else... if you must SEE his name, I
> dont know why anyone would want to, you can just use tintin and #sub
> it.
> *shrug* Just my opinion... maybe you've got other uses for intro code?

Because it's cool!  :)  

Seriously.  Uses of Intro code that come to mind:

* Suppose you find a dagger and you cast a Read Object (vaporware) spell
  on it.  If you have intro'd the previous user, it will tell you the
  name of the user who had it last.  Otherwise, all you'll know is that
  some dwarf had it... :)

* If you haven't intro'd someone, you can't teleport to them.  You
  need the mental familiarity that comes from having been introduced
  to someone, to teleport to them.

* A cool spell in a PK MUD with intros - True Name.  It lets you get
  someone's intro without having been introduced to them, so that you
  can use nasty long-range spells on them (like teleport/summon).

* Secondhand intros!  Suppose you know Armand, but your friend doesnt.
  So you describe him to your friend (e.g. describe armand to person).
  Next time Armand walks into the room, your friend will probably
  know him - but maybe not, if he blew his INT check.  Maybe your
  friend will mistake someone else for Armand, or maybe he'll mistake
  Armand for someone else :)

* Intelligent pets can be told to find a specific person.  "My raven,
  travel far and wide to find Armand, and give him this note."  Don't
  know Armand?  Uh...

That's only scratching the surface, but you get the idea.

Oh yeah.  How're you going to do tells 'n' stuff without knowing
someone's real name?

%tell muscular hairy dwarf I love you!
You tell Cor, 'I love you!'
%tell muscular hairy dwarf Whoops, that was meant for a muscular HIRSUTE
   dwarf, pls ignore.  I actually hate your guts, Cor. 

Yours etc.,


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