Re: CODE: Intros Revisited

From: Skylar (
Date: 06/28/96

On Fri, 28 Jun 1996, Jack Wilson wrote:

> Because it's cool!  :)  
> Seriously.  Uses of Intro code that come to mind:
> * Suppose you find a dagger and you cast a Read Object (vaporware) spell
>   on it.  If you have intro'd the previous user, it will tell you the
>   name of the user who had it last.  Otherwise, all you'll know is that
>   some dwarf had it... :)

Hm, interesting idea for a spell... still, it IS magic, why not just sport
over the previous wielder's name, and let the guy take it from there?

> * If you haven't intro'd someone, you can't teleport to them.  You
>   need the mental familiarity that comes from having been introduced
>   to someone, to teleport to them.

My teleport is random.  Gate can open a portal to a person, but you need
their Truename to cast it.  Truenames can only be obtained if someone lets
you know theirs, honestly (not one of their aliases).

> * A cool spell in a PK MUD with intros - True Name.  It lets you get
>   someone's intro without having been introduced to them, so that you
>   can use nasty long-range spells on them (like teleport/summon).

I like the idea for the spell, but truenames dont require introduction code.
I know lots of people that choose several aliases when making a character
and call themselves as one of them, when meeting people, but keep their TRUE
name secret from all but their closest friends...

> * Secondhand intros!  Suppose you know Armand, but your friend doesnt.
>   So you describe him to your friend (e.g. describe armand to person).
>   Next time Armand walks into the room, your friend will probably
>   know him - but maybe not, if he blew his INT check.  Maybe your
>   friend will mistake someone else for Armand, or maybe he'll mistake
>   Armand for someone else :)

Hmm... how about... "look for a tall man with a snake tattooed on his arm,
that is Armand, greet him and tell him Yazar sent you, he will help you."
(using nothing but say...)

> * Intelligent pets can be told to find a specific person.  "My raven,
>   travel far and wide to find Armand, and give him this note."  Don't
>   know Armand?  Uh...

Okay, you got me there... and it IS a good use... though, some may argue
that joe-raven who has never seen, heard nor smelled Armand would have a
hard time picking up the train... *grin*

> Oh yeah.  How're you going to do tells 'n' stuff without knowing
> someone's real name?

I dont use tell at all, its gone.  There are forms of psionics that can do
similar things, and they work just as well by aliases or names... if someone
tells you their TRUE name is Jalar, and it is, psionics will work, if their
true name is Jalarian, but an alias is Jalar, as long as someone else with
the same alias or name (extremely rare) issnt before them in the character
list, you'll reach them whichever name you use.  The code already has every
thing in place to handle this thing, as long as you dont allow like 20 
people to make characters names Joe, you're fine... I think they should use
some imagination when creating characters anyway.

All in all, you have moved me from simple disregarding the intro idea to
actually contemplating it... I need to give it some more thought, it surely
can have its uses, I'm just not sure if its one of those things that should
be left for players to roleplay, or something that needs to be hard-coded.



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