Re: OASIS OLC: errors/debugging etc...

From: George (
Date: 06/28/96

On Fri, 28 Jun 1996, Ground Zero Enterprises wrote:

> Has anyone attempted to go through oasisolc and debug it so it works stable?

I've found that it's totally stable for me (Linux 1.2.8), however it
doesn't free it's memory structure when it saves so what I get is my
memory usage on the server can raise by 5%, being the most I let it
raise before I reboot.

> #0  0x62798 in malloc_unlocked ()
> #1  0x623fc in malloc ()
> #2  0xef6cc55c in _findbuf ()
> #3  0xef6c99a8 in _doprnt_unlocked ()
> #4  0xef6cbfb8 in _fprintf ()

Looks like you save ok...but your system call can't find memory?
Check memory and maybe even disk space...

the "free" utility, or even "ps -ux" might show you that

> #5  0x5f9f4 in zedit_save_to_disk (d=0x109140) at zedit.c:378

-George Greer of the no .sig, one liners (Dragon'Spire, @ 5000)

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