Re: [Circle] Cleric.c to check if spell affect already in place

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Date: 08/08/96

At 10:11 AM 8/8/96 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello, I've been trying to modify the cleric.c "freebie-for-newbie" code
>to check if a spell affect is already upon a character (eg: bless,
>armor).  This is because the duration is cumulative, so I have
>characters running around with 600 hours of armor in place.  I want a
>check so the spell is cast only if the victim is not already affected.
>I've applied the following to the cleric code in spec_procs.c:

Here is a much easier solution. In spell_parser.c, where each affect
spell is located, there are two lines you are concerned with, (for
this particular problem)

accum_duration = TRUE;  (will allow players to build up to 600hrs of armor
for ex)
accum_affect = TRUE;    (will allow players to stack the affects, EX AC of -80 
                         after 4 armor spells) 

change both of those to FALSE, and everything will be as you want it.
(these lines may not even be there, if not, add them)

Of course, if you want these spells to be accum, you will have to add the check!

Good luck,

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