Re: [Circle] lowering level 34 characters. (probably really

From: Amy & Ryan Biggs (
Date: 08/08/96

>> I need to reduce the level of 2 level 34 implementors on my MUD to 32 or 33.
>> I've tried "advance" and "set" to lower their levels & have also had them
>> try to erase their own characters.  No luck.
>Well advance will not work to lower a level IMPL character.
>However unless you have changed your 'set' command, any IMPL should be
>able to use 'set' to lower another IMPLs level

If need be, you might need to make a temporary 'backdoor' that allows you
to set your levl to 35, THEN set them down.

>The other cavaet is you cant seem to Delete an IMPL no matter what you
>do, you must use 'set' to drop them first, then delete them, least as i
>recall the one time i had to do away with a rogue IMPL

There IS a way to do it.  What you need to do it when they are offline,
"set file <so and so> delete on" or whatever delete flag is.  THat is how I
got rid of my own IMPL char when I changed names.

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