Re: [Circle] The whole hp/damage thread

From: Barid Bel Medar (
Date: 08/08/96

On Thu, 8 Aug 1996, Hades wrote:

> > Well going with this whole set hp thing.  I've redone weapons to where they
> > now have a set damage rating.  Like say a dagger would have a dr of 5 where
> > a short sword might have one of 13.  Now when calculating damage, this dr is
> > added to the PC stregnth and then this total is modified down by the PC
> > mastery level of that weapon.  This system seems to work perfectly fine for
> > me and it seems to be a little more realistics then having a weapon that
> > does random damage.  Yeah, sure, depending on where you're hit you might be
> > damaged less but come on now.  Some of those numbers are riduculous.  
> Uh... daggers are 1d4 for a reason... 1 = a scratch, 4 = a hard pierce into
> your gut... I think the random numbers work great, it sctually makes sense.

No, it doesn't.  After all, if this is someone who just started the game 
fighting someone who's been working at it for a week who manages a "hard 
pierce into [his] gut" that causes four points of damage...  no.

And if this is one newbie fighting an experienced player who somehow has 
6 hp...  how is it that the newbie is able to hit someone who's 
experienced that hard?  It doesn't make sense at all.  Someone who really 
knows how to use a dagger well should be able to kill an experienced 
player (500hp) with it as easily as he'd kill a newbie (5hp).  After all, 
even experienced players have vulnerable spots... and they don't get any 
less vulnerable the more proficient you get with magic, or whatever.

I agree that there should be some randomness to account for "luck" or the 
weapon hitting some kind of fault in your opponent's armor.  I just don't 
feel that a 400% increase in damage based totally on what mood the 
computer's in today makes sense.

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