[Circle] The whole hp/damage thread

From: Hades (tourach@servtech.com)
Date: 08/07/96

My thoughs on hps, and why hps are shows as a percentage on EbonMists

You get more hps as you get higher in level because you get tougher, more
battle-hardened. 4 hp from a dagger to a lv 1 man with 6 hps is damn near
deadly... like he got knifed in the gut. He just lost 66% of his 'life'

The lv 30 warrior with 356 hitpoints takes the same damage. That is a little
over 1% of his hitpoints... the equlivant to a papercut to a lv 1 6hp man.
Although that dagger wielding orc knifed the man in the gut, the same thrust
only barely scratched the seasoned warrior, because the warrior knew how to
turn with the hit, how to avoid the brunt of the damage. That seasoned
warrior wont allow for the dagger to slice his gut open, and if he did, that
would be a critical hit, and tghus do more damage.

See how that view works also?

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