Re: [Circle] The whole hp/damage thread

From: Hades (
Date: 08/08/96

> Well going with this whole set hp thing.  I've redone weapons to where they
> now have a set damage rating.  Like say a dagger would have a dr of 5 where
> a short sword might have one of 13.  Now when calculating damage, this dr is
> added to the PC stregnth and then this total is modified down by the PC
> mastery level of that weapon.  This system seems to work perfectly fine for
> me and it seems to be a little more realistics then having a weapon that
> does random damage.  Yeah, sure, depending on where you're hit you might be
> damaged less but come on now.  Some of those numbers are riduculous.  

Uh... daggers are 1d4 for a reason... 1 = a scratch, 4 = a hard pierce into
your gut... I think the random numbers work great, it sctually makes sense.

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