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Date: 08/19/96

At 06:04 PM 8/18/96 -0400, you wrote:
>If you have no interest in seeing some real role playing in circlemud,
>then the this message is probably of no interest to you....
>Every once in a while i used to goto the mud connector and say to myself
>"I want to find a new, fun, circlemud today." To my distress, i found
>that over 50% of the circlemuds are the same as they came out of the
>box, with some new zones, sometimes chessy classes and races with no
>real point to them, and no inteligent coding done to them. The rest of
>the circlemuds that obviously have someone intelligent at the wheel have
>some nice coding examples, but when it comes down to it, it is still
>kill mob
>get all corpse
>wear all
>again and again, that is basically all most circlemuds require of you,
>with occasionally an immortal droping down saying he has hide items, and
>if you find them, y
 I agree totally. I think the world is much more important than the code. I
mean after adding a few classes, races, and new spells, you can only add
so much. When I used to mud, if I logged into a new mud and even saw the
word midgaard, i left without a second thought. Or those muds where the names
change but the weapon shop is still 2s2en from recall or whatever.

I build and code on my mud, and I know from experience that good builders are
harder to come by than coders. The first thing I did with my mud was completely
delete all the mob/wld/zon files that come with the stock code and started anew.
Besides adding two areas from the ftp site, our areas are completely original.
It has been a lot more work getting ready to open, but I think it will pay off
in the long run. This comes to role playing, if the world is lacking detail and
spice, roleplaying will more than liekly never develop.

my 2 bits,

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