Re: [Circle] Role Playing in CircleMud

From: ks white (
Date: 08/19/96

On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, Chi Hoai Tran wrote:
> What is roleplaying anyways??!!

Role-playing is essentially what it implies: playing a role.

This doesnt mean that combat is inherently bad or quests are
inherently good, it means that regardless of what your character
is doing, it is in line with your character's personality and
motivations (as opposed to yours, the player). It means that you,
the player, create a character that is more than numbers..she/he
has a past (before logging in the first time), likes/dislikes,
hopes and fears, all that you create, and that ideally fit in with
the themes of the world you are playing in.

At its best, it should read something like an interesting sf/fantasy
novel that has many authors instead of one, and is created spontaneously
(or impromptu for any with a theatre background). As people dont 
particularly rise in "levels" of any sort, unless they are designated
ranks in school/military etc, levels do not exist in either of the
"serious" rp muds I've played, but combat does (there is no story
without conflict). Quests, such as they exist, are run by immortals
with inspiration and spare time, thus eliminating the unrealistic
repetition of code-run LP type quests.

The biggest problem with the RP environment is the abuse of OOC
(out of character) knowledge, that is, knowledge that the player
has and the character doesn't. Personally though, I find that the
creative, storyline atmosphere will hold my interest FAR longer than
'kill..killkill..kill..kill..' *yawn*

-K. of Exile Mud

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