Re: [Circle] Win95??

From: Katzlberger Thomas (
Date: 08/20/96

You wrote:
> I am just curious, how effecient does circle run under 95? Does
> anyone have a mud up running win95 with a significant player
> load? I wuld like to check it out. 
> I just think windows is the last thing I would run a mud on. Hell
> it eats up my 64megs ram just running simple C programs and other
> stuff.

It eats up 64 MB ??? Wow ! This is more than I expected even from 
Microsoft. Doesn't Win95 have a virtual memory system ?

I have only got 32MB, running NeXTStep for Intel (BSD-Mach UNIX).
My compiled circle-mud binary (including debugging symbols - C++ & so) 
is 7.5 MB. Running it via gdb causes no problems at all (besides 25 
other processes and applications). My swapfile is 21 MB big.

BTW: My windows look like Windoze95 - guess where Microsoft stole its
design for Windows95. From the award winning GUI design of NEXT Inc.
Especially the vertical menus, the recycler and the close & miniaturize
buttons are exact copies ...  

> If anyone cuold give me an address, I would appreciate it.

I guess there is none ...

> Thanks,
> Chuck

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