Re: [Circle] [NEWBIE] Running Under Win95

From: Frag (
Date: 08/21/96


Well this would be done in act.movement.c
Ill give you rough pseudo
and some thoughts

One well way of doing this would just be to modify the
has_boat, to say basically
if following npc with flag tugbat return 1

now the thing is you will have to make sure that they are infact following
the npc, ie he is in same room, or they are about to leave
to the room they are in. 

What i mean is that you dont want followers that sat while this
guy moved (but are still following) to move after he has (tugboat)
left the room. or move in another irection, while he is there..

So yeah, sorry this could'nt be more specific but my server has 
temporily denied mud src acess (stop me compiling ;))

Hope it helps any..

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