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Date: 08/21/96

On Tue, 20 Aug 1996, jubjub wrote:

> If someone could please tell me how to get the mob's condition during
> each round of the fight, just like what you would see when you look at
> them, ie "King Welmer has a nasty cut."  Anyway, I am no c-expert, so
> please make it kinda simple for me, and tell me which file and all to
> find the stuff in.  Thanx	

There's a function (i forget which file off hand) called 
diag_char_to_char() that displays the condition when you look at the 
mob/player... there's also, from my experience, a little known command 
called diagnose that ONLY tells the mob/player's condition...


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Well here is a little, tiny argument against windows:
Please replace/remove the C++ stuff yourself.

	FILE* f;

	 * This code just works on systems with the egrep command (UNIX)
	 * It might be a security risk if you can't trust your gods (in theory)
	 * It produces a slight lag of the MUD when executed depending
	 * on the size of the files in the log directory and the speed of
	 * your computer. This command is helpful to immediately verify
	 * if a DTrapped player who wants reimbursement
 	if (!*argument) 
    		send_to_char("Need playername.",ch);
	sprintf(buf,"egrep '%s' ../syslog > playercheck ; egrep '%s' ../log/* >> playercheck", 
	        argument, argument);
	f = fopen("playercheck","r");
	fread(buf, MAX_STRING_LENGTH-5,1,f);
	page_string(ch->getDescriptor(), buf, 1);

This command is very useful to make gods read the 
bug and typo files:

	FILE* f;
	char* cp;
	if(*(argument+1)=='b') cp="misc/bugs";
	else if(*(argument+1)=='t') cp="misc/typos";
	else if(*(argument+1)=='i') cp="misc/ideas";
	else return;
	f = fopen(cp,"r");
	fread(buf, MAX_STRING_LENGTH-5,1,f);
	page_string(ch->getDescriptor(), buf, 1);

If anybody else got good commands 
like that the code is welcome. ;)

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