[Circle] CODE

From: jubjub (jubjub@cjnetworks.com)
Date: 08/30/96

  I have a question that many may see to have a simple solution, but
bear with me.  I want to implement a "setcomm" command that goes through
each channel, asking you if you want it, then toggling it on and off
according to your answers.  Unfortunately, I am not a c-guru, so I would
like some help.  To be more clear, this is what I mean.  When you type
setcomm, the mud does as follows:
Do you want to hear GOSSIP channel [y/n] (wait for response & toggle)
Do you want to hear SHOUT channel [y/n] (wait for response & toggle)
and so on.  Any code you could quickly write out to do such a function
would be appreciated.  If you feel that this is something the whole mail
list would want to learn how to do, post it here, otherwise just email
me.  I don't want to be resposible for 80 messages being posted to
everyone on the list if I am the only one newbielike enough not to know
how to do this. :)  Anyway, thanx for your help	
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