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From: Argus (
Date: 08/21/96

> Is anyone here using the Caldera Linux Network 
> Desktop? I have a chance to get it real cheap,
> and fro what I hear it smokes slakware. (I mean
> you can actually network it accross there op sys
> without having a root canal done) It uses alot of
> Red Hat's stuff, but supposedly has excellent tcp/ip
> and network support.
> If anyone uses it, knows about it, or whatever, 
> could you send me any pros and cons?

I use it to run our mud as well as other TCP/IP functions... I had to 
install the ELF support yo get a Palace Server up and running but 
that is about it... I run it on a P-100 with 16 meg... (I had it 
running on a 486DX66 with 32 meg) compile time used to be a meg... 
now it is under 5 minutes....

Ok drawback... it is very picky about hardware... if you have 
problems installing it then disable all caching from CMOS and I mean 
all... it will run slower.. but it will run... 

Pro:  If you are using it for internetworking (to IPX/SPX) Novell.... 
then it does the job great!  It is easy to configure and easy to 
maintain.. but if things start going wrong it can be a bear...  I 
have Caldera Preview II... I have a good repore with the Folks at 
Caldera... they make good stuff... 

with that said... I am switching to Slackware 96 (the Kernel 2.0.0)  
I think it is much easier to maintain and much easier to rebuild the 
kernel...  I also LOVE the idea of loadable modules...   I 
internetworked this version with IPX/SPX and Samba to our exsisting 
Windows NT/95, novell 3.12 & 4.1 and 2 SCO Unix boxes quite 

If you like an easy desktop with nice feature go with Caldera... if 
you get the Non-Preview version then you can call and get support...

If you are going to really play with Linux, get the Slackware or one 
of the other versions...  

This is not to say i discount any other version besides these two.. 
but they are the ones I am most familiar with

telnet: 7777

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