[Circle] [OFFTOPIC] Caldera Linux

From: Linebacker (linebacker@microlink.net)
Date: 08/22/96

Is anyone here using the Caldera Linux Network 
Desktop? I have a chance to get it real cheap,
and fro what I hear it smokes slakware. (I mean
you can actually network it accross there op sys
without having a root canal done) It uses alot of
Red Hat's stuff, but supposedly has excellent tcp/ip
and network support.

If anyone uses it, knows about it, or whatever, 
could you send me any pros and cons?

[On Circle]

I have written a spell that strips the victim of all
spell affects (actually I swiped from another function
and modified it) but mobs that are set with affect bits
such as sanct in the mob files are unaffected. I know
REMOVE_BIT will remove this but how can I set this up
in a for loop that will cycle through all the mob's
affects? I am trying to do this from within a spell
in mag_affects (it works great with spell affects). The
solution is on the tip of my tongue so to speak but I
can't piece it together. I have looked through other 
functions and see it done similiar, but not in a way
I can do it from within mag_affects. I can't use a
for loop using MAX_SPELL_AFFECTS can I, because you
can set more bits than MAX_SPELL_AFFECTS, am I right?



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