[Circle] [way off the smoke wagon topic] Running Under Win95

From: Linebacker (linebacker@microlink.net)
Date: 08/22/96

At 09:05 PM 8/21/96 -0500, you wrote:
>As a Linux user and a WiNT user, I can saee the arguments from both 
>sides...  If you have the money to spend then for now Winxx is probly the 
>best way to go for developement... as for more kernel crashes than seg 
>faults... that is hardware related not software... unless you have a 
>really old or alpha copy of the kernel....  I DO NOT WANT TO START A 

if anything I would develop on linux and run in windows. Linux runs it's
compilers significantly faster than windows, (so does OS/2) and it is
much easier to jump around to different files with Linux. (You can't beat
a well configured X-windows system, yea you can alt-tab between windows
in Win, but still a lot slower.) I am also an NT user and will always use
NT for my office type needs, but for development I have to go with linux.

Besides, anyone that knows vi pretty good would run circles around someone
with the same ability using a windows based editor.(except vi for windows,
hehe, although I still have not checked that one out yet) Yea you say you can
mouse to anywhere on the screen, a few keystrokes in vi will do the same, also
you can go directly to a line in question, instead of messing with a scroll bar
or page down)

As for the kernel panics, I have had about 3 kernel panics in my 2 years using
linux. I can't recall the cause but surely much less than protection faults I
have received.

Anyways, anything that will compile the fastest is for me, I hate waiting for
compiles. I can deal with the rest.

as a side note, (man i am way off topic roday) I have Borland 4.5 for
and was wondering if anyone has the 5.0 development suite? Is it really anything
more than 4.5 that is worth it? (I can get it for 85$) Beides the java crap,
I have
no interest in that.

Thanks, Chuck

btw: not a flame to anyone, just like defending linux/unix. 

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