Re: [Circle] [NEWBIE] Running Under Win95

From: Craig Christophel (
Date: 08/22/96

As a Linux user and a WiNT user, I can saee the arguments from both 
sides...  If you have the money to spend then for now Winxx is probly the 
best way to go for developement... as for more kernel crashes than seg 
faults... that is hardware related not software... unless you have a 
really old or alpha copy of the kernel....  I DO NOT WANT TO START A 
FLAME! but from the aspects of speed.... win95's ports are more 
vulnerable, and they take much more machine resources... like the guy 
said.... develope on Winxx but if you wish to have more speed for your 
megahertZ then buy generic perifrials.... or the ones specifically 
supported by the kernel you are running...

Sorry if this got your goat, but in this I had to say my peice...

Craig Christophel...

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