Re: [Circle] [LAG] Priority ageing, optimization, ... ?

From: Chris Ryan (
Date: 08/23/96

> Is there any tuning one can do to the source to
> reduce lag? Of course optimize code, but how?
> One can optimize s.t. pageing is minnimized
> (link with the info from the profiler: gmon.out)
> Best tuning: nice --10 ;)
Just the other day I was talking to a co worker who was working on a mud
about the time Jeremy Elson was finishing Circle for the first time, He
said he had talked to him aobut it. But we talked about every thing anyone
could possible cover (briefly) in about an Hour i think. On of the things
he had mentioned was redesigning a mud to using message ques rather than
the waay it is done now. He said in the mud he did this with the increase
in speed was tremendous and very well worth it. To answer a few other
topics talked aobut earlier (multi attacks) he had added a timming variable
in with the que's so that he no longer had to worry about multi attacks.
(i.e. fido attcks every 2 secs and you attack every 3 secs. you attack fido
fiso attacks you 2 secs fiso attacks you you attack fiso 1 sec later
another sec fiso atacks you the 2 secs later you both atack each other. :)
He said this caused a stagger effect that which added realism. You can also
alow dex to adjust this time and add the time to every thing like spells
actions skills (i.e. the dig command and TinTin probs would be solved). I
just thought this may be an appropiate ssubject to bring up and hope
someone finds it useful.

I am just wondering why something like this didn't take along time ago???

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