[bug?] Possible Circle 3.0 shop bug

From: Haddixx (haddixx@megamed.com)
Date: 09/06/96

I think I found a bug in the stock circle code.  When the mud boots
the stops and starts to assign what products the shop will buy
it uses the following code:

      temp = read_type_list(shop_f, list, new_format, MAX_TRADE);
      CREATE(shop_index[top_shop].type, struct shop_buy_data, temp);
      for (count = 0; count < temp; count++) 
----->	SHOP_BUYTYPE(top_shop, count) = (byte) BUY_TYPE(list[count]);
	SHOP_BUYWORD(top_shop, count) = BUY_WORD(list[count]);

I don't think it should typecast the line I pointed to as a byte.
Online Editors such as Oasis search for a -1 when setting up an
existing shop for editing.  However, since it is typecast as a byte
a -1 will be turned into a 255.  My mud was crashing every time I 
tried to set up an existing shop until I removed that line.  Let
me say, I'm not sure if this is a bug.  But I am confused as to why
it is typecast as a byte if it is declared as an int.  BTW: byte
is a typdef for char, defined in structs.h.


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