[Code] Still, the problem remains...

From: Bode, Wyatt J (BODE@mail.juniata.edu)
Date: 09/18/96

OK, I tracked the problem down to something I "know" should work.  It
seems that when you add on to an array of character strings, CircleMUD
crashes & burns...  For example:

char *potion_names[] = {                                                
        "milky white",                                                  
        "bubbling white",                                               
        "glowing ivory",                                                
        "glowing blue",                                                 
        "bubbling yellow",                                              
        "light green",                                                  
        "gritty brown",                                                 
        "blood red",                                                    
        "swirling purple",                                              
        "flickering green",                                             
        "cloudy blue",                                                  
        "glowing red",                                                  
        "sparkling white"/*,                                            
        "incandescent blue" */        <- un-comment this line and boom! 

The above compiles, links and runs fine, but if I un-comment the last
line, I get the following error:

Mon Sep 16 18:48:47 ::    Mail file read -- 1 messages.                 
Mon Sep 16 18:48:47 :: Reading banned site and invalid-name list.       
Mon Sep 16 18:48:47 :: Deleting timed-out crash and rent files:         
Mon Sep 16 18:48:47 :: Done.                                            
Mon Sep 16 18:48:47 :: Resetting (null) (rooms 0-0).                    
autorun: 840 Memory fault - core dumped                                 

Any ideas?

aka Wyatt Bode
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I have had similar problems on 2 MUDs. It was related
to buggy read routines reading in the social message arrays.
Well if the command interpreter didn't define all socials read
then the mud would crash when we added a new command ... which
looks completely the same as you do in your potion array.

Well, make a test and remove the social file and add the line then
reboot ... I am curious what happens. However it may also be any 
other array or pointer writing out of bounds in your program. 
Let me know of any results.

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