Re: [Code] Still, the problem remains...

From: Admin of The Keep (
Date: 09/19/96

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Argus wrote:

> 14 objects(including the commented one)... I assume that they are 
> also defined in structs.h?  You wmay want to ensure that they all are 
> correctly defined in structs.h

It doesn't matter whether they are defined or not, because the array
itself does not refer to any macros/variables/etc.

> Also you may want to try adding a "\n" as the last item in the list
> Or you may want to try and add const to the beginning of the 
> declaration.  i.e.  const char *potion_names[]={

The "\n" is for CircleMUD's search_block() procedure which reads through
the list until it hits the "\n" searching for a match.  The "const" makes
the array a constant (unchangable).

> What it look like is someplace you are predefining how many potions 
> you have and something is going awry.  try bumping this up by 1 and 
> see if that works.. hope some of this makes sense

Nope, if you look at the cast, it does not define how many enteries into
the array their can be.  If he was defining that, then the MUD wouldn't
even compile because of too many/few strings in the array.  An array with
a set length has the length within the brackets.


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