Re: [Code] Still, the problem remains...

From: Argus (
Date: 09/19/96

> OK, I tracked the problem down to something I "know" should work.  It
> seems that when you add on to an array of character strings, CircleMUD
> crashes & burns...  For example:
> char *potion_names[] = {                                                
>         "milky white",                                                  
>         "bubbling white",                                               
>         "glowing ivory",                                                
>         "glowing blue",                                                 
>         "bubbling yellow",                                              
>         "light green",                                                  
>         "gritty brown",                                                 
>         "blood red",                                                    
>         "swirling purple",                                              
>         "flickering green",                                             
>         "cloudy blue",                                                  
>         "glowing red",                                                  
>         "sparkling white"/*,                                            
>         "incandescent blue" */        <- un-comment this line and boom! 
> };                                                                      

14 objects(including the commented one)... I assume that they are 
also defined in structs.h?  You wmay want to ensure that they all are 
correctly defined in structs.h
Also you may want to try adding a "\n" as the last item in the list
Or you may want to try and add const to the beginning of the 
declaration.  i.e.  const char *potion_names[]={

What it look like is someplace you are predefining how many potions 
you have and something is going awry.  try bumping this up by 1 and 
see if that works.. hope some of this makes sense
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