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From: Hot Fudge Sundae (
Date: 09/24/96

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Joe Vail wrote:

> I think some of you people need to calm down a bit. A guy asked about
> an ftp site and 2 of you had to come up with a smart ass comment. The
> guy might not have saw Elson's post. It has been known that people dont 
> always receive all their mail. And even if he did receive it, a simple
> "it was posted before" would suffice. Not a smart ass comment. It's a
> mailing list about a game folks. Come on.
> Buddie-Joe Vail                     

Not only that, but the FTP site that was mentioned was different from the
FTP site that I got mail on that was down.  I got mail mentioning that and went down for 2 weeks. I believe
the guy mentioned a different FTP site.  If these are one in the same, I
wouldn't know...

It would have been nice to have some warning that the site wasgoing to go  
down though. 

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