re : Mob Remembering Players [CODE]

From: root (
Date: 10/15/96

Chuck wrote :

>Has anyone experienced this problem?

>Player starts a fight with a mob flagged as MOB_MEMORY
>or whatever it is, flees, and later dies at the hand
>of anther mob. The rpevious mob will still remember the 
>player from before even though they had died since the
>encounter. Is the normal, or what? I have not touched the
>code relating to this at all.

Well this is standard circle. The mobs remember the players by ID-num and
only the mob who killed the player will forget him/het/it. (see function
damage in fight.c)

You could (if a player dies) run through all mobs and call forget(mob,
char-who-died) to make all mobs forget the player (do this in fight.c in 
the function damage).

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