Re: [Newbie] Gold?

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 10/25/96

 Gerald Wichmann <> wrote: (Fri, 25 Oct 1996 11:51:20 -0700)

 >  I'm a newbie coder so plz bear with me.. I have successfully compiled the
 >  circlemud code and added 20 races to it successfully.  I then spent some
 >  time playing the game and find it odd that my new characters don't start
 >  with any equipment or any gold to buy anything.  I can't go into any dark
 >  areas (there seem to be an abundance of them) cuz i can't afford a torch or
 >  even a dagger to fight with.  I've been searching through the code looking
 >  for an area that initializes new characters and the only part i can really
 >  find it the stats..  I would like to assign gold to a starting player based
 >  on their class.  What .C or .H file should i be lookign in?  anyone have a
 >  little code to share?  i'm sure this is really simple..
 There is a newbie equipping procedure on the snippet page.. Follow the
 link from the FAQ. Alex does a bang up job making those code snippets
 avilable and they'll go a long ways towards helping you figure out how
 to add things..

 >  also now that i've added races i'd like to see that information displayed
 >  and restructure what is shown when someone types SCORE.. where can i modify
 >  that?
 in act.informative.c the function DO_SCORE

 >  also i'd like to restructure what is shown when HELP is typed.. where is this?

 the file you want to edit is lib/text/help/screen


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