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From: The Miles Family (
Date: 10/28/96

Heh, I do agree to some extent.  I am a newbie programmer but my MUD has
alot of things that are not on the FTP site.  I am so bad at C that I
cannot even make a simple calculator prog.  I did implament races from
scratch, before the race.doc, I did circle and dual skills on my own. 
Added about 15 spells, 2 new classes, again without a doc.  My MUD may look
like some of the other MUD's out there, yes, but alot of what is not stock,
is basicly 'original'.  I'm not yelling, just defending the rights of the
newbie programmer.

BTW, what does IMHO mean?

-Allen Miles

> From: Ebon Mists <>
> To: CircleMUD <>
> Subject:  [flamey] Patches
> Date: Monday, October 28, 1996 5:18 AM

Just wondering... all you people who are patch-leeches, to all the people
who do not know how to code in C yet beg for patches, and ask for people to
send you code for new spells like firemissile (which can be coded in under
15 seconds)... are you proud of your muds? Do you see what 'you' created
get a sense of satisfaction from it?

I saw a mud on r.g.m.d that advertized TONS of new stuff, We are not stock!
it proclaimed. Every single non-stock area could be found on FTP sites, and
every 'code addition' in their news file was a patch from the FTP site.
were wholly and completely unoriginal, save for the code patches they got
from the site and installed. WHoop-de-frigging-do. Like I havent seen that
code elsewhere before.

I'm not flaming people who use code pathces. I saw the improved editor and
jumped on that like wildfire, I hate the stock editor :)

What I am flaming are the newbies (no offense, I was a newbie once too) who
know 0 to very little C coding asking for patches for their muds, and when
there is a parse error because of unmatched ()'s or a missing ;, they come
crying to the list, no debug code, crying HELP IT DOESNT COMPILE!!

If you people want to learn to code, and want to build a good mud, for
sake, at least look over the code, learn how to make new spells (IMHO the
easiest thing to learn first, if not a simple spec_proc) and other basic
code before you try to install an OLC which is one huge chunk of
code, or something else, which when you look at the code, baffles the shit
out of you.

At least give your players enough respect to not put up just another mud
which looks like everyone elses.

Hades of Ebon Mists - now open at 8888

PS. Like I said, this is not directed at those who use patches, this is
directed to those whos code consists wholly of patches.
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