Dig command and misc

From: Christopher M. Ryan (drizzt@visi.net)
Date: 10/28/96

Hello all,

	I have just returned from what some may call a vaction from muds and was
just wondering if anyone had done any work on a dig command. I was working
on one that I had got working somewhat well. I don't remember if i posted
if to the list. But to the point. Has anyone done anywork on this?

	I'll also put my say in on the patch deal too ;) I think patches are great
(in a sense) You can think of them as tylanol or some kind of non
prescription drug. They do the world of good but if you don't know how to
use them or use them too much.... WHOOPS you just ODed or did it wrong and
you (pardon the expresion) screwed yourself. I like patches as a good
source for idea's or for that kinda stuff you just don't have time for
(i.e. OLC :). Another Note! When i get on a mud and see Midgard temple I
quit and delete my character never to return! I don't care what kinda a
skill spells or what you have I am not playing the same world every person
and their brother uses. :P

	IMHO (In My Honest/Humble Opinion) I think muds are a great source of fun
but more so they are a great tool for the admins and coders to learn new
techniques and subjects in coding! Me for example. I learned my foundation
SOCKETS programming fom muds. ganit it wasn't enough to build my own socket
app but enough to understand and want to learn more. <GRIN> now i write
apps for an ISP doing proxy and client type stuff for them <GRIN>

	All right i've rambled enough. Just one more thing. Has anyone improved
upon the Windows patch code for compiling under windows using a compiler
other than MSVC4.0 The code i had was just a rough and dirty deal and  i
was thinking of spicing it up! Suggestions are welcome.

Christopher M. Ryan (the wannabe creator)
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