Re: [flamey] Patches

From: Ebon Mists (
Date: 10/29/96

> what is the sense of rewriting code that already exists???  isnt that a
> waste of time?? newbie coders need to get familiar with the code before they
> can code in earnest....and tweeking on the little patches and snippets is a
> very good way to do it without totally wrecking their mud.  

Yeah but frankly I hate seeing post after post from newbies who cant code
shit asking us to debug their fucked up Oasis patch install because they
dont know what the fuck sprintf does.

> its not really
> that fun just working on a mud and not running it and see it live,  but yet
> they/we/all of us want our muds to be more than just plain ol truely stock
> circle.  we have to start somewhere.  althought i pretty much agree that a
> person shouldnt be trying to apply patches and snippets and writing code
> with having at least a fundamental understanding of the language,  and if
> they decide they do want to try it, at least buy a book and figure out the
> simple stuff on their own.  that is also a great way to learn the code and
> the circlemud program.  

That is exactly what I am saying, but patching in code after code piece wont
teach you shit. It will teach you how to cut and paste in joe or pico, and
when they fuck up.... it's a lot easier to debug (and learn debugging)
fixing parse errors and uninitialized variable errors when you start small
and new, because when you dont know much code, it's really hard to create
memory leaks and hidden segfaults which gdb cant pick up on. If you start
patching in huge code revisions, and fucking around with it, you are gonna
get some HUGE ass bugs which you wont know  how to fix.

And... my original post was actually aimed as a flame to those who's muds
are ONLY patches, with no coding effort on their own. I applaud those out
there who grabbed a pathc, looked at it, and tried to learn how it worked.
EXCELLENT! But like I said, my gripe is those who use patches, know no code,
then when they want a circle or a haste skill, instead of first trying
themeselves, or asking for guidance on the list, they ask someone yto write
it for them. A few days ago there was a post asking to TRADE spell/skill
code... for god's sake, this is code, not baseball cards.

Learning to code form opatches is great, patching and never bothering to
learn makes for one shitty mud, and there are way too many shitty muds out
there, wasting bandwith.

> i learned more about the circle mud code from one
> day of applying snippets and patches and tweeking them for my mud, than i
> did in 1 MONTH of looking at the code trying to get a big picure of how it
> all fit together. (BTW is there a really good way to learn the code other
> than just jumping into it head first without a parachute anyway, cuz i would
> sincerely like to know so that i can do it.) 'course after a few months (6
> or so) one would think one would know the code well enough to be able to
> start making fairly complicated changes.  not having been on the list for
> that long i dont know if there are people out there that have had muds that
> long and are still asking simple questions. so maybe i shouldnt even be
> speaking on the subject.
> i certainly appreciate any help/advice i get and i dont mind giving it when
> i can.  with my job and classes i dont have a lot of time trying to write
> alot of code on my own.
> sorry to ramble.its late.   dont mean to offend either.
> -adieu'			
> invincibill	

Hades yet again.

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