Re: Linked List Format Prototypes/Rooms

From: Ebon Mists (
Date: 10/29/96

> It has been my impression that at least some people on the list have 
> switched there formats from arrays to linked lists.  

Been there, done that. :)

> I am interested in 
> doing this but frankly I am too lazy, well actually that is not true but 
> half the people will assume that anyway so I may as well help make fun 
> of myself.  I understand the current array system and I understand linked 
> lists, but I really have no idea where to start to start changing.  I 
> don't need a walk through but an outline would be nice.  Like main 
> functions that need to be altered, macros that need to be changed etc.

I changed rooms, mob protos, obj protos, zones and zone commands to linked
lists. If you are going to make the change, I'd suggest... eesh... the code
convserion took me a week, and included editing almost every file. The
conversion was and still is the largest code change my mud has seen. Unless
you have a lot of time and patience on your hands, I would suggest ignoring
it. :) If you really want to do it though, start in db.c where it runs
boot-world or something like that... there's where it builds the array.
Start by changing that to building a linked list. After that works, compile.
Any wacked out code, change. That's how I did it. The arrays are so imbedded
deeply into the code, it's like flushing out roaches.

And... make sure you know the ins and outs of C, because you arew going to
have to make a lot of improvisations.

The easiest thing would be to have someone do this on a stock circle mud and
then use that as an alternate circlemud distribution.

> If anyone would be willing to write a primer on doing the conversion I, 
> and I am sure many others, would be very grateful.  Sorry if this doesn't 
> make too much sense it is _VERY_ late here (early?) and I should really go
> get some sleep =)

Believe me, it's not something you want to do to play with, only do it if
you are seriosu about it, but it did allow my flexibility to expand tenfold
with new code and ideas.

Also, if you are using Oasis or any other olc, gotta do a huge code overhaul
on that as well.

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