[CODE] Rent & Quit help needed

From: Amy & Ryan Biggs (nauvie@netcom.ca)
Date: 10/29/96

I am looking to change the rent/quit system in the following way:

Players can either quit or rent, both are similar.  Rent will only work in
an inn.  Quit works anywhere.  If you quit outside of an inn, you CANNOT
heal after coming back an hour later.  If you do, it will be like renting,
and act normal.  Obviously, I need to put in a check to see if the player
is in an inn, and if they are, instead sent to the rent code, otherwise,
just do a regular quit.  Renting will cost only 1 gp per day, no matter
what you have.

What I need help with is how to make it so that the mud can differentiate
between an inn and a non-inn room, and how to switch to the approproiate
code.  I also need to know how to get the 'heal' code to know if they quit
in the right location.  In addition, how do I change it so that it always
charges the same

Any help with this would be muchly appreciated, as I know very little about
the rent system and how it works.

The Husband and Wife team from heck!
E-mail: nauvie@netcom.ca
Amy Biggs:  http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/3461
Ryan Biggs: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/3460

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