Re: The PerfectMUD? Just an opinion

From: Michael Steinmann (
Date: 10/31/96

>  I have to disagree with you... everything I include or Code in PerfectMUD is
> commented in a very STUPID way I should say, so that anyone could remove the
> code or just use it as a template for his own ideas...I will also say AGAIN
> that most things are used as an OPTION defined in config.c ...I someone who
> does not know how to code a specific routine asks for a patch, is the same
> thing as getting READY on the server...
>  The only pieces of code which are not coded as options are things we see in
> EVERY CircleMUD running on the net (even many of those include options by
> themselves (such as informative and the ALL-POPULAR Auction command)).
>  Regards,
>  Takis Kalogiratos, [Creator of PerfectMUD]
> ps  I would REALLY like to know what you think having the above in mind, I
> don't    want to create something that will ruin the Player's fun or MUD's
> Gameplay... 

Well, first off, what you are doing is both good and bad, the good part 
is for newbie people who want to run a feature laden mud with the minimum 
work can join the mudding world.  This of course brings forth many BAD 
things also.  ie: those who do not read the docs and beg experienced 
people for help, and those who can't tell a parse error from an apple.  
(enough of that, though).  The other part is the assumption of theme.  
The standard past-fantasy style theme encourages a generic mud.  This is 
with classes and races along with the stock areas.  I am saying this 
because it is a real pain when there is an excellent code base, and have 
to deconstruct it to get the core (notice: I'm not referring to Circle on 
that one).  Basically, the more stuff you put in the mud as default, the 
less room for creativity you leave.  Look at LP muds starting off the 
Foundation Mudlib, if you looked at one to another, you would see very 
few similarities, thats because you are started with a core, and nothing 
else.  For those who want to toy around, sure, stock is good, but as 
running a public mud?  (no).  Oh well, I think I complained enough for 
now =).

claywar (Faras on Morgaelin, your definitly non stock, buggy mud =)
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