RE: [Circle] races?

From: JTRhone (
Date: 11/04/96

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Jones E SrA 51CS/SCMMK wrote:

> You've noticed this too, huh?  I get the left-shift warning 3 times when 
> compiling because my highest bitvector type thingie is (1 << 34).
> I think it's because of the 32-bit thing, but i'm not sure, and have yet to 
> figure out how to get it to go away.

Yep.  If yer machine has 32 bit longs (I would wager yes.) The highest bit
you can reference on a shift is (1 << 31) -- meaning shift 1 31 times to
the left, putting it into the 32nd bit slot.  If yer fortunate enough to
have larger longs, more power to ya.  In this case, it is the size that
counts :P.
jtrhone aka Vall

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