[Circle] [Admin] Suggestions

From: Project Leader McCoy (icarus@berkshire.net)
Date: 11/05/96

OK, here are some suggestions for the mailing list.  (Not sure if "admin"
is the appropriate one, but hey, I tried...)

First: it would become mostly unimportant to have the [Circle] header if
you added the Resent-To: and Resent-From: fields as is proper.  I couldn't
tell you how to do this, but I'm pretty sure it can, indeed, be done

See, the problem is that there are about three or four people from SVR's
that are somehow bouncing the messages to the list without putting it on
either the To: or Cc: lines of the message.  This breaks my mail sorter.
Plus, since some people simply refuse to write ANY subject line at all, it
means that I *have* to rely on the To: and Cc: lines of the header to
determine if the message is about CircleMUD or not.  This means that
messages directed to me (and Cc'd to the list) go into my CircleMUD
folder, which tends to be very large and very dark.

The addition of Resent-to: and Resent-From: headers would assist me, at
least, greatly in sorting all of this incoming mail while still allowing
me to reply promptly to messages sent specifically to me.  (It also helps
eliminate the dreaded duplicate copies of messages.)

Just a suggestion.  I wouldn't normally really make it, except that people
have been complaining about the length of the subject lines and this is a
possible way to make it shorter.

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   icarus@berkshire.net    it is flat and slimy and has gills through
                           which it can see." - Monty Python

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