[Circle] [IDEA] nasty little bubble

From: Christopher M. Ryan (drizzt@visi.net)
Date: 11/05/96

Hello all,

	I just had another cool idea for some of you to use if you want. I'll call
this the nasty little bubble(marble, if you like).

	1.) Create an object of a small bubble/marble that has a desc. like you
see a clear glass marble on the ground (or similar).

	2.) Write a special proc so that when a player (or NPC) picks up the globe
they are magicaly transported to another room that would be the inside of
the bubble/marble.

	3.) (optional) make is so that are only certain ways for the char to get
out. (i.e. another player break the globe or cast remove curse on the
globe) if you really want to be mean you can make it so that the char and
other chars can't just use summon. ;)

	I kinda see a trend with me being evil here. Oh well maybe next time i
will come up with a good idea to benifit rather than detter players.

Christopher M. Ryan
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