[Circle] [Newbie] Win95 Questions

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 11/06/96

Has anyone successfully done the following on Win95 with the stock code
ported for that?

1. Successfully make the players save their items (in their last eq
poitions) and when the player returns, the eq is already loaded back to
where it last was worn ?

2.Created a syslog, so all 'log' commands log the info to a file, not to
the screen?

3. created a bat file so when the game crashes, it auto loads again?

4. Made a project with all the .c and .h files, so all you have to do is
type build and it compiles all relevant files (that were changed, just
like what a Makefile does). This is so I can use the watch command and
breakpoints, etc. to trace through the code. ??? [This is of course for MS
Visual Basic].

Thanks all, and please don't flame me for using MS. I know it sucks, but i
sorta have to use it becuase i'm don't have Linux and ain't gonna get it.

Jussy from down under.
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