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From: Andrew Jones (
Date: 11/06/96

Wizard Productions wrote:
> Hey all, its me again.  Wanted to find out if anyone had any suggestions
> on how to make it so somone is automaticly all 4 classes when they create
> a character.  Or an alternate so that they are 1 class and can learn both
> skills and spells. (There will in theory be no level restriction on spells
> and skills and just different costs).  I am not asking for actual code or
> for you to do this, just suggestions on what I should try doing since I am
> kinda stumped.
> Thanks for you time...
> Thanatos@iCE-Dawn MUD
Making a class have both skills and spells is easy, just write a spell
define thingy in class.c, where the skills are defined to the classes.

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