[Circle] Graveyard Special Procedure

From: Haddixx (haddixx@megamed.com)
Date: 11/08/96

from the dead during the night if a player walks into the square.  The special
procedure is placed on a corpse object and whenever a player enters the room
it checks to see if a) it is buried and b) if it is in a GRAVEYARD room.
The basic special procedure works the only problem it isn't activated
until a player does something in the room.  For example, if a player walks
into the room and then just sits there and does nothing then the special
prcocedure isn't activated.  If the players types anything, then it gets
activated.  Here is the basic code:

#define UNDEAD_BASE 50

  struct char_data *mob;
  struct obj_data *obj = (struct obj_data *) me;
  int mob_num, fall_ch;

     if(IS_BURIED(obj) && weather_info.sunlight == SUN_DARK)
        mob_num = UNDEAD_BASE;
        mob = read_mobile(mob_num, VIRTUAL);
        act("$p pushes up through the frozen soil!", FALSE, mob, obj, NULL,
       IS_CARRYING_W(mob) = 0;
        IS_CARRYING_N(mob) = 0; 

My question is how can I make the special procedure activate itself whenever
the player enters the room and not relay on them entering a command?

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