Re: [Circle] Re: [obuild .06] bugs
Date: 11/13/96

On Mon, 11 Nov 1996, Sammy wrote:

> - We just replaced OasisOLC with obuild .06 with the new after 
> - some testing, we found a few majior problems:
> -   rset desc, edit desc, look at room, and *BANG CRASH*
> -  the next time, that didn't hurt us, but...
> -   rset desc, look, (still okay) redit save, *BANG CRASH*
> -  the next time, both of those had no prob, but...
> -   rset desc, look, redit save, look, rset desc, look, *BANG CRASH*
> That'd be a conflict with improved_edit, most likely.  WHen I have time I
> plan on working on making the two work together.  I'm not sure, but I
> think that may also be the source of other new obuild problems, since all
> the changes I've made recently were small bugfixes.
> Sam

Only prob with that is we aren't using the improved_edit patch quite yet =>
Also, I threw in the old that comes with obuild.06 and the 
bugfix, and everything worked fine.

The MAD Coder,

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