[Circle] [Newbie][Code]Nanny problems

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 11/16/96

I'm trying to implement a re-roll function

The problem I''m stuck in is trying to get a player response.

<in CON_ROLLS, in Nanny()>
<various sprintf lines - printing player rolls that were just rolled.>

// answer is defined above as a char*
	//scanf ("%s", &answer);
	SEND_TO_Q("Yes/No ??:", d);
	printf ("Answer is %s\n", d);

<obviously a case statement to determine  what to do by the answer>

Now if i have the scanf, the the game hangs .. like it's waiting for
No if I add the SEN_TO_Q in .. the game runs, but doesn't wait for the
user to type in some input (which should be the yes / no).

any suggestions please.
Thanks in advance.

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